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Collaboration between you and
Foundation Work Incubator

There are several ways to work with us and use our knowledge. Together with you we like to see in which or in what area we can supplement your company or educational institution. Possibilities are:

1. Study Guidance
a. taking a career test,
b. a fixed (private) mentor,
c. Company visits and providing internships

Foundation work Incubator will actively 'scout' and inspire students for industries, businesses and projects together with companies. We do this through guidance, additional teaching modules (in the current school environment for young people in companies or facilities and/or institutions selected by Foundation Work Incubator) and 'incentives'.

By listening to the wishes of a potential employer, we aim to find the right 'audience' (target group). Foundation work Incubator then examines if the target group needs additional training / modules to follow. Foundation Work Incubator connects the target group in the early stages of their choice in an active with companies. This way companies create their own potential employees, while this target group gets inspired with a purpose and motivation for a course. The company visit is a real learning experience that is valuable in the students orientation process. Thus it is more than "a nice trip" alone. Visits are provided in all industries and branches.

Foundation Work Incubator may appeal to a broad experience in both business and personnel needs as in the education sector. Within the Foundation's knowledge of and experience with training, management and employment placing and implementing of the above mentioned two groups are present. In a unique way we combine our experience and demand of motivated people from companies. Thus, the foundation can provide sound and guided careers of young people (from primary school age). Furthermore, we provide advice, we offer specific training modules for schools and jobs we carry out projects initiated by and/or in collaboration with companies.

Foundation work Incubator used deploys its network with employers to bring a special group of workers under the spotlight. Young people with (mild) intellectual disabilities who deserve a position in a normal working environment. Foundation work incubator brings employers into contact with these young people, provide proper guidance and grant application of subsidiaries. The new law gives employers the ability to work together with the attendant to scale the production capacity of the employee. If the employee, for example, achieves only 30% of the production rate, the employer pays in this case only 30% salary.

Social Return on Investment and Financing
For large contracts, 'Social return on investment' (SROI) is an important component in the evaluation of tenders. SROI by the government wants to encourage businesses to long-term unemployed to find work in their new projects. For the operator, in addition to increasing the chance of success in government procurement, a road to further its social responsibility and to give it meaning and shape. After award of the contract the entrepreneur completes how the obligation is pursued. The coordination of the 5% rule is managed by the project office of the municipality. The 5% rule means that the employer must prove that he spends 5% of the contract value to unemployed people This amount can be paid for half of trainees. In fulfilling this rule Foundation Work Incubator can support.


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